Rick Amor (b. 1948) is an Australian artist, living in Melbourne, who is a painter, printmaker and sculptor. He works in a figurative style, basing his images on observed reality, yet often reorganizing the details of that reality so as to serve a greater imaginative purpose. Amor made his first prints in 1968 while studying at the National Gallery of Victoria Art School, Melbourne, and has continued making them to this day.

The information contained in this interactive website is the first of three parts of the complete catalogue raisonné of Amor’s printed work. It focuses on what, for Amor, are the most complex kinds of prints – the intaglios, which include the various types of etchings, as well as drypoints and mezzotints.

A catalogue of his relief prints and lithographs will be incorporated into the database in due course.

Peripheral landscape, 1998
SP (Self portrait 2009),

2009; reworked 2010, 2011 and 2016

The Bureau, 1995
The sighting, 1991
The ship, 2003
The dog,

1991; reworked 1999 and 2002