Above all I wish to thank Rick Amor for his assistance at every level during my work on this catalogue. He gave me his time in answering repeated questions and allowed me generous access to his studio. I thank both Meg Williams and Rick for their hospitality during the course of the past nine years.

To the team of colleagues who have worked on this project with me I extend my warmest thanks and expressions of admiration for their skill and commitment. The simple fact is that the website could not have been done without them, so, thank you to David Ashkanasy, Mark Ashkanasy, Dana Rowan, Meg Williams and Kim Clayton-Greene. Working with you has been instructive and a great pleasure.

I would like to acknowledge the help received from colleagues at institutions: Art Gallery of Ballarat: Gordon Morrison and Anne Rowland; Art Gallery of South Australia: Julie Robinson and Maria Zagala; Australian Print Workshop: Anne Virgo and Martin King; Ian Potter Museum of Art, The University of Melbourne: Steve Martin; McClelland Sculpture Park + Art Gallery: Simon Lawrie; National Gallery of Australia: Sarina Noordhuis-Fairfax and Elspeth Pitt; National Gallery of Victoria: Cathy Leahy, Alisa Bunbury, Petra Kayser and Michael Varcoe-Cox; National Portrait Gallery, Canberra: Sarah Engledow; State Library of Victoria: Madeline Say and Gerard Hayes; University of Melbourne: Alison Inglis and Catherine Kovesi.

Bill Nuttall of Niagara Galleries, Amor’s principal dealer, and Sarah Murray, the Gallery Manager, have always responded promptly and generously to my requests. I also wish to thank the following individuals: Rosalind Atkins, Tom Chippindall (formerly of Castlemaine Art Museum), Gina Lee (formerly of Niagara Galleries), Andrea Goldsmith (for permission to quote Dorothy Porter’s poem ‘Giant Squid’ (2002)) and Meredith Schilling.

I am grateful to the people who took time to look at the website in its final stages and who responded generously with comments: Delia Bradshaw, David Bunn, Margaret Coffey, Damian Coleridge, Stephen Coppel, Sonia Dean, Diana Dethloff, Dagmar Eichberger, Madeline Hempel, Stas Hempel, Anne Kirker, Margaret Legge and Mark McDonald.

Finally, thank you to my husband, Gerard Hayes, for his encouragement and unfailing support.

Irena Zdanowicz

Melbourne, July 2017